Sometimes when a partner is handed a divorce notice, he or she is often taken off guard as they had no clue this was coming to them. Paying attention to your marriage probably will cushion this shock and leave you better prepared to face the next steps. Getting over comfortable with each other and taking for granted is a big reason to lead up to divorce. This article looks at a few topics to keep in mind to know whether your marriage is getting ready for a showdown.


You Don’t Have Anything in Common with your Partner

Do you and your partner have so many social engagements, parties to go to, friends to entertain, in fact seemingly everything a normal couple would do outside the confines of your private space, however, when you come together in your own space have literally nothing to converse about? Having no meaningful conversation with your spouse may lead to a life of silence. This is a major problem many couples face.

If you do take the effort to communicate to your partner and share intelligent and meaningful conversations, slowly your marriage will be back on track.

Whatever you do is Wrong

Have you felt whatever you or what your partner is doing is wrong no matter what or how they do it? Do you feel criticized or want to criticize your partner for every action he or she is taking? Too often partners will funnel larger relationship issues into negative criticism of day – to – day tasks.

It will work in your favor if you sit your partner down and openly discuss what those issues are and find solutions to possibly get over these problems and get your marriage back on a more secure level.

Last one to Know

Do you think your partner shows least interest when it comes to sharing his or her success, growth in career or personal life? Do you come to know about this through a friend or a relative or never hearing it first hand from your spouse? What happens here is the communication is getting broken down into many levels before reaching you, which makes it ever more complicated for you to come to terms with. Give it a try to share information to spouse first, friends later!

Change in Appearance

Over time, your comfort level with your spouse reaches a point where you don’t feel the need to look “perfect” for him or her. However, when this moves to a level where care for personal hygiene and looks do not matter at all and you take the marriage for granted, the problem begins. If you feel your spouse has let go of looking good for you, discuss it gently and make them feel appreciated and respected.

Distractions from Problems

If the television is on constantly, both of you find a solution to your problems by avoiding it completely and focusing on what is going on in the television. It is common for individuals to avoid problems with the easiest way out and it is fast becoming a major reason for troubled marriages. If you do not take the effort to resolve your problems, you will soon face it in a court room.

If you and your spouse take the effort to communicate with each other and resolve issues, many marriages can avoid the inevitable. For the more inclined partners, there are leading law firms like Widrig Law PLLC who will help you through your difficult times.