When it comes to making an accident at work claim it can be difficult, especially if you’re still working for the company. What you must remember is that your employer has to, by regulation, make sure that their employees are safe at work; be that mentally or physically. If a worker suffers an injury within the working environment, it is the employer’s duty to record it in their ‘accident book’ which must be kept onsite by law. Even if, at the moment, the injury seems minor, you can never truly tell how something may progress and develop over time, and you may want to speak to a lawyer and claim damages for your suffering a while after the incident occurred.

If you, as the employee, feel like you weren’t properly protected by your boss at the duration of the mishap – whether that be by not being provided with relevant protective equipment or being exposed to potential risks – the best thing you can do is visit your doctor. When you visit a health professional the injuries suffered and treatment received for them will be kept on your medical records, which will be useful when you speak to a solicitor.

Claiming against your employer can be a complicated process, so it is best to contact a specialist legal team to assist you. The amount of damages you receive for your suffering will depend of a number of factors, including:

– How serious the accident was

– Your loss of earnings

– How your life has been affected since the injury

– The cost of any medical treatment you needed as a result of the casualty

After you have informed your manager of an accident or illness they may wish to have you medically assessed by their own medical advisors. Even if you seek private medical advice, it is in your best interests to attending all medical appointments arranged by your employer. Failure to attend these medical appointments may result in entitlements being suspended or a reduced compensation amount.

Once you have the correct legal team representing you whilst claiming against the company you work for, your work will not be disrupted. A professional specialist team of solicitors will not only represent you to help you win your reimbursement but they will also support you if you come up against any difficult situations at work and advise you on how to act with colleagues and bosses.

Reporting an accident

You need to report your casualty as soon as it has happened, either to your immediate supervisor or your general boss. You employer should then report the incident to the HSE. It is in the best interest of both yourself and your employer that every step is documented, from when the incident happened to settlement. If you can start building your case from day one the more evidence you will have when it comes to filing a compensation claim. Beardsells Personal Injury Solicitors are specialist when it comes to accidents at work claims. They will assist you to build a strong case and get the highest level of damages that you deserve.