Conveyancing case management software can turn your business into a highly profitable and efficient unit. It can be used for everything from lead generation to customer retention, and for all elements involved in the conveyancing process from improved communication to automated form filling. It should integrate easily into your existing business, and your existing system, and it should be easy for all stakeholders to be able to get to grips with what it does, how it can help, and how to achieve the best results.

Save Time

Case management software offers time saving benefits. Processes can be automated, reminders can be set, and many of the forms that you use on a daily basis can be automatically filled or partially filled, which means that you are free to attract new clients, service client contracts, or carry on with the daily running of your conveyancing business. You can also utilise standard documents and forms, which can use data that has already been entered onto the system and verified.

Reduce Errors

There are many types of error that can occur during the conveyancing process, but most are caused by human error. Missed deadlines, incorrect information, or the relaying of inaccurate data, can all prove costly. By using conveyancing software, and by implementing streamlined processes and procedures, you can reduce human errors and general errors that could otherwise occur.

Meet Deadlines

Deadlines are important. If you miss the deadline for form submission or data requests, then you may lose a contract and could even face having to pay some form of compensation. Conveyancing software can offer automatic reminders, and you can set manual reminders not only for yourself but for every member of the team, therefore ensuring that you never miss another deadline or time limit again.

Conveyancing Case Management

Conduct Follow Ups And Provide Updates

The modern conveyancing client not only expects results, but they expect to be apprised of the progress that you are making with their case. Effective conveyancing software can be set up so that it automatically creates standard SMS messages or emails using relevant and up to date information, and these messages can be automatically sent to the client in order that they know exactly the status of a contract or process.

Reduce Manual Processes

There are many elements to the conveyancing process that are not only manual but can also be considered tedious and repetitive. When tasks become repetitive, it becomes increasingly commonplace for mistakes to occur, and it can also sap morale. Fortunately, manual processes can often be automated, or at least several steps in the process can be automated, for the benefit of employees and the business.

Report To Stakeholders

All of these elements, and all of the stages of the conveyancing process are important, and software can be used to run comprehensive reports related to specific contracts, particular clients, or even to determine which fee earners are bringing in the most work, and whether there are any particular training requirements within the organisation.

Redbrick Solutions offers legal firm software, including conveyancing case management software, designed to streamline business processes, improve communications, and help ensure improved business management.