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Family Law and Divorce

Important Information about the Family Provision Claim

Contesting a will is not an easy task. In most situations, the will left behind by the departed is considered final and cannot be altered unless there are very special circumstances. In New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, the Family Provision Act plays a very important role in determining the amount the nominees in a will would receive. According to ...

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Divorce Laws – Making a Clean Break Trouble-free and Easy

Divorce is an extremely painful and difficult process. However, understanding the court’s role in a divorce and knowing how divorce laws function can aid to make this transition easier and smoother. According to Marrison Family Law, divorce laws govern the termination of a marriage. Every state has its own laws regarding divorce and, in reality, they can vary from province ...

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The Many Benefits of Income Protection Insurance

In this uncertain world we live in, taking precautions is essential, and income protection insurance is a way to secure your income, should you be unable to work for any reason. Many Australians have taken out income protection insurance (IPI) and for good reason, as it covers many situations, and if you have yet to arrange income protection insurance, here ...

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Drawing the Line Between Parramatta Lawyers

There are many reputable lawyers in Parramatta, and you may have a hard time differentiating each one of them. You may get confused with their specializations, such as compensations or personal injury cases and divorce law. Compensation lawyers and divorce lawyer Parramatta are just some of the most common legal professionals who people often seek for in times of need. ...

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Divorce Finalized

Johnny Depp is one of highest paid actors in the world. The 52-year-old has an estimated net worth of a whopping $400 million. But he will soon have to cough up $7 million to his ex-wife actress Amber Heard. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carl H. Moor has finalized the divorce, ending one of the most turbulent high-profile celebrity marriages. ...

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