Unfortunately it is true that not all marriages go the distance. There’s no sense flogging a dead horse, as the saying goes (though I’m sure you’d agree flogging a live one is a lot worse), so when you know there’s no hope of saving your marriage the next logical step is to think about divorce.

But you already know what a frightening prospect that is. Of course the most significant thing most people think about is the cost, followed by how much of the joint assets they’ll be able to stake a claim to. The last thing anyone wants is to be left short-changed when they’ve already lost so much to begin with.

If your divorce is very simple and there is no dispute between you and your former spouse, the whole process will run a lot smoother, and you may be able to avoid going to court altogether. If there’s the least bit of bitterness, however, the whole situation can get much more unpleasant very quickly indeed.

Family Law Clinic

Regardless of exactly what the circumstances are, you’ll still be a lot better off if you have a legal expert from a Divorce Clinic or a Family Law Clinic to help you handle all of the formalities and complexities of the entire process. This need not necessarily be expensive, as there are fixed-fee services available.

Even if you feel confident of being able to handle things on your own, you must keep in mind that divorces are normally emotionally charged events, and even more so if somebody was seriously at fault. You could lose your ability to think objectively, which may harm the outcome for you.

With a qualified legal expert assisting you, and a low cost fixed fee, you’ll experience greater peace-of-mind and you won’t have to worry about escalating costs.