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Tamar’s Bulimia and Fight For Long-Term Disability

After Tamar’s twin sons left home for university, her world was turned upside down. Now living alone, she found that her job as a financial planner was not fulfilling enough of her social needs. She began going to the gym and joining groups to meet people, but quickly fell into old negative habits. In her early twenties, Tamar had suffered ...

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Medical Negligence Payouts on the Rise

The number of payouts being made by hospital trusts in the UK is growing significantly, with London Trusts alone paying out over £200m a year once costs and fees are taken in to account. The amount of such claims is also rising, with one recent high profile case resulting in a £5m settlement for the parents of a girl who ...

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Januvia drug effects: How to file a claim

Januvia drug effects

Have you ever been at the receiving end of a medical injustice? Has your faith in the system and your belief in doctors been eroded thanks to a terrible outcome of purportedly safe drugs? That is probably how many patients have felt after partaking of the drug, Januvia, which was promoted as a panacea for Type 1 Diabetes. What makes ...

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Obtaining a Reliable Medical Carelessness Lawyer

medical lawyer

Anticipate, a lot of health care neglect cases usually do not get to judge procedures and are settled in advance of any kind of demo night out although you will still require a certified professional medical carelessness solicitor to assure your case owns easily. Taking legal motion in direction of professional medical negligence isn’t a decision that you should ingested ...

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4 Reasons To Write A Review On Your Attorney

attorney at law

Online review sites are often used by individuals in search of information on specific businesses or individuals, such as attorneys, and taking a few moments to leave a review can be extremely beneficial. If you’re considering writing a review on your attorney, here are four reasons why you should. 1. Your insight can help them gain new clients. If you ...

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