There are plenty of careers that one can pursue in the legal field. Not all of these careers require that you have to go to law school either. When people think about working in the legal field, they think lawyers and judges but a majority of people who work in the legal system are neither. If you are looking for a stable career in a field, considering the legal field is extremely important as it is stable and the jobs will be needed for the future. Whether you want to become a criminal defense attorney or even a judge one day, these jobs are great places to start.


This is one of the fastest growing professions in the legal career. Before the paralegal took all of their directions from the lawyer but as paralegals are getting more information and skills, they have become much more independent in many cases. Although the paralegal still works for a specific lawyer they have been given much more responsibility than they once had. This is the reason that the salaries of paralegals have been on the rise. They draft up a number of legal documents and spend much of their time organizing things for a trial hearing. Although they cannot represent a client in court they do assist in court or at some type of mediation.

Court Reporter

Much fewer people are entering this profession and this is making the pay for court reporters skyrockets. Court reporters or court stenographers record testimonies, mediations, and depositions. The court reporter’s job is to have each statement written out verbatim as this can be the difference between a guilty or not guilty judgement. Forbes has said that the top court reporters earn over six figures a year. The reporter with their stenograph machine can input over 200 words a minute and they go back and transcribe what was said after the statements. There are many stenographers who work predominantly with specific law firms as a contractor.

Legal Secretary

These can also be called administrative assistants and this career path is for those who are extremely organized. The loss of documents or misfiling them can have a huge impact on cases. The fact that technology has taken part of the organizing job leaves the secretary the chance to be able to take on larger responsibilities. There are some firms that groom a secretary and then pay for their paralegal school as they have proved themselves a valuable asset.


Obviously any lawyer has to go to law school which can be extremely expensive. These expenses are covered quickly when out into the professional world especially if the young lawyer has been picked up by a big firm or is in a profitable section of law. Some of the profitable sections of law are corporate law and becoming a personal injury attorney. Finding what section of law that you would like to pursue is a big choice as it has implications on the rest of your professional career. All it takes is one high profile case regardless of what section of law you are in to make a name for yourself. This is another reason that pro bono work can be some of the best marketing for lawyers.

As you can see there are so many careers that you can take on in the legal field. Some do require different degrees or certifications while others only require training on the job. Whatever the job is there is quite a demand as the legal industry in many cases cannot be automated by technology. Choosing a career in the legal profession is wise as many of these careers pay very well even at an entry level.

by FloydLegal