Online review sites are often used by individuals in search of information on specific businesses or individuals, such as attorneys, and taking a few moments to leave a review can be extremely beneficial. If you’re considering writing a review on your attorney, here are four reasons why you should.

1. Your insight can help them gain new clients.

If you had a good experience with your attorney, you will want to write a positive review for them to help increase their business. Many individuals use online review sites to help them decide which lawyer would be best suited to handle their case or their needs, and those lawyers that have the most positive reviews tend to be the most sought-after. If you want to thank your attorney for helping you, writing a positive review on their behalf can help them earn more business, and that will be a great way to thank them.

2. Your insight can warn others.

If you didn’t have a positive experience with your attorney, you should also write a review about it. While this may not benefit the lawyer, it can help to benefit any other individuals that are looking for a lawyer. You can then warn them about why they should not choose this specific lawyer, and this can help keep them from suffering through the same mistake that you recently did. Even though you may not know the people that will read your review, you can rest assured in knowing that someone out there will take what you have to say into consideration.

3. You can provide feedback.

Reviews are a way of providing businesses with your feedback on their products or services, and it works the same way with attorneys. You may be uncomfortable telling your lawyer to his or her face what you liked or did not like about them, but you can easily do so on a review site. If your lawyer monitors these sites, it will provide them with valuable feedback. For example, if your review was mostly positive but claimed that you thought it took too long for your lawyer to return your calls, it will help your lawyer learn to become better at time management or to put contacting their clients higher on their list of priorities. If you complain about poor treatment by their staff, it could help them evaluate their employees and make necessary changes to benefit their practice.

4. You can increase their reach.

Online review sites are popular with the search engines. Review sites generate a great amount of traffic and a constant change in content, which forces the search engines to crawl through them more often to determine their ranking. A lawyer’s page on a review site that generates a great deal of traffic can increase in overall ranking, and if their page lands on the first few pages of a search engine results page, it can help increase their visibility, which can increase their business.