If you are living in NYC — within Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn and have a legal problem, the New York State Unified Court System suggests that you consult a lawyer who can tell you your legal rights and how you can handle your legal problem better.  Their office and court staff cannot provide legal advice but they can provide resources and tips on how one can find a NYC (Queens, Brooklyn & Manhattan) lawyer.

  1. Those who can afford to pay for legal services may try the Legal Referral Service offered by the New York City Bar Association. The service will refer you to a NYC lawyer and you will pay a consultation fee of $35 for the first 30 minutes. Once you find the lawyer who you think can help you most with your problem, then you both will agree and decide on the fee that you have to pay.
  1. org can provide information on lawyers who offer free legal advice. Once you get to the LawHelp website, type your county or zip code.  The next screen will ask for your legal problem.  As you browse, you will see the eligibility requirements so that you can check if you qualify for free legal services that organizations offer.
  1. Some programs are composed of lawyers who freely share their knowledge offer free consultations and legal advice but they won’t represent you in court. You are responsible for filing the papers, meeting court dates and filing deadlines.  That means you have to find your own NYC lawyer to help you solve your legal problem.
  1. The Volunteer Lawyer Program run by the Civil Court of NYC provides free legal assistance. They have  volunteer lawyers who are trained to impart legal advice and procedural information.  You can ask these volunteer lawyers to review your court papers and explain their strengths and weaknesses.  They can help you with filling out the forms and creating a plan for your individual case.
  1. The NYC Bar Association located in Manhattan provides a free clinic from October to July. It is called the Monday Night Law Clinic.  They have lawyers who you can consult for half-hour.  There is no charge but there is a need to schedule appointment.
  1. Another source of free legal advice is the telephone help through the NYC Bar’s Legal Hotline. A NYC lawyer may speak English or Spanish in the telephone help free legal service. If one wants immediate information, this program is useful.
  1. The Legal Aid Society of New York is another source of legal information for those with facing civil or criminal issues and who lack the financial resources to pay for an expensive NYC lawyer.

Finding the right lawyer according to your budget and needs may seem difficult but with these resources, there is no doubt that you will be more than able to find a NYC lawyer who can help you with all your legal needs.