Many people have tried various kinds of drugs for a couple of generations now, and we could say that it has become an integral part of our culture, especially pop-culture. With that kind of social climate, it may even happen that some of the drugs become legal (marijuana is an example), but until then, you can get yourself in quite a predicament if caught with an amount of illegal psychedelic or psychotropic substances. Apart from spending some time in prison, which is never a pleasant experience, you could experience legal consequences after you come out, so it is of the utmost essence that, if you indeed get caught, you have the best lawyer to get you out, and minimize the potential repercussions.

Be Careful

That’s what you have to do from the start of your little adventure with illegal substances. Take care about who you talk to about such stuff and don’t try to help strangers get drugs. That’s the basics.

If the first step fails, then what?

That can be a rather complicated question for me to answer. It largely depends on which drugs you had in your possession, and how much of them. It also depends on the legal system of the very place you were caught in. In most places, though, possession of drugs is highly punishable. The necessity of a good lawyer is slowly becoming visible. Be advised that anything you say to your lawyer is said in confidence and that he doesn’t have permission to spread any of that information. Now, let’s review the consequences.

  1. You may not get jobs with that on your record, or you may even lose the job you already have. Most companies and their respective managers have a strict no-drug policy, and they even conduct internal tests, to make sure their employees are “clean”.
  2. You may have trouble joining the military, if that’s what you want. This strictly depends on your lawyer, and his ability to convince the court and the military that it was not your fault, or that the very crime isn’t such a big deal.
  3. You may lose your college loans. This goes for college kids, they are a social group known for frequent drug use. Again, it is almost all on the lawyer to get you out of this kind of trouble.
  4. Serving time in prison is never a good thing. Either on your resume, or just as a personal experience, make sure you tell your lawyer that he makes it his utter priority to move you as far away from jail as possible.

Your (good) lawyer will definitely know better than me, but here are some basic rights you have at the moment of the arrest, and afterwards, as well.

  1. Police may search you, and your clothes.
  2. They may search your vehicle, if you were in the vehicle when arrested.
  3. They may, and most probably will make you do a test of sobriety.
  4. They can ask you to give a blood/urine/semen sample for drug tests, and if you refuse, they can easily get a warrant from the judge, from my experience, it is always better if you cooperate from the start.

So, if you are in this line of work, or you are a consumer, or even just hanging around such people, prepare a good lawyer, just in case, you never know. A good lawyer is half a case, and here, it might just save ruining your life.