The prospect of going to court to settle a dispute can be daunting at best. What begins as a seemingly simple dispute can grow more complex with each passing day that it doesn’t go to court. In civil cases where there are typically two parties in dispute, it may take months to get onto the court docket. Once the trial date finally nears, the other party may request a postponement for one reason or another, hoping that you will eventually agree to their terms in order to move forward. A case that could be settled in as little as one day may end up taking years just to finally make it into the courtroom. When you opt for mediation in Atlanta, the case is handled quickly and outside of the courtroom.

A Different Attitude

Having a court case hanging over your head can be extremely stressful for most of us. You may find yourself putting things on hold until after you know what the outcome will be. Parties often try to out-think each other, thinking about ways they can beat the other party in court. Mediation doesn’t work this way. Scott A. Schweber explains that in mediation, the parties may show any document or item they wish to be considered without feeling pressured to reveal those they want to keep private.

Benefits to Mediation in Atlanta

When two parties agree to settle their dispute through mediation, they must be sincere about reaching an agreement that is fair to both parties involved. The hearings take place in a peaceful atmosphere and the parties work through negotiation, not in an atmosphere of combat. It is easy for them to put all of their cards on the table and openly discuss what they want from the case because they have the security of knowing that the final resolution must be agreeable to them before it becomes final and legally binding.

Less Financial Burden

Financial decisions are especially worrisome when the outcome of your case will have a big impact on your life or on your ability to operate your business. But before the final decision is made in court, a lot of money can be spent. Legal fees and court costs add up over time, often depleting a person’s or couple’s savings and potentially reducing the cash flow they need to run their business.

One of the most significant reasons that people choose mediation in Atlanta is the lower cost. Depending on the complexity of the case and the length of time it would take to settle through litigation, mediation could mean the difference in hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Getting What You Pay For

After all the evidence has been presented and the arguments have been made, either the judge or jury will present their decision about the case. Either way, their interest is in ruling according to the letter of the law. They have no personal interest in the detail of the case.

When you choose mediation in Atlanta, you retain the power over the final decision in your case. If there is an impasse, only then will your case have to proceed to court. Most people find that it is better to compromise and get part of what they want instead of putting a lot of money into a decision that no one is happy with. In the end, mediation is a better solution all around.