It’s a sad fact of life that families experience sometimes experience difficult or even traumatic times, whatever the age of the children.

Whether caused by the breakdown of the marriage, or a teenager hanging out with the wrong crowd, it can be a cause of major heartache and can even put the child in terrible danger.

It is at times like this that a family might find themselves in need of a professional child investigator.

Parents do their very best to always be there for their children but in today’s busy world, it’s not possible to know what they are up to all the time.

Hanging with the wrong crowd

We’ve all heard the stories, how somebody’s son was always so well behaved and doing so well at school and then suddenly, everything changes. Perhaps after an event, like a party or a music festival.

Parents suspect the child may be hanging out with the wrong crowd, perhaps drinking, or experimenting with drugs. Suddenly their sweet boy is moody and aggressive, failing at school, perhaps not even turning up to school.

This is one of the scenarios where a child investigator may be hired to help.

Another all-too-common scenario is the missing child. This can be a young child taken by a parent during a separation or a divorce, or a teenager, who has run away from home.

Parent’s worst nightmare

The remaining parent/parents are clearly distraught. Not knowing where your child is must be every parent’s worst nightmare.

Again, this is when a child investigator may be hired to help.

Many people think private investigators only deal with divorce cases, following cheating spouses and reporting back. And while this is one part of their work, they can be hired for a whole range of services, including locating missing children.

A private investigator has access to many more resources than the average parent, and has important links with the police and other law enforcement bodies.

Private investigators are often hired to look into cold cases, or by adopted children to trace their blood parents.

The most important thing when hiring a child investigator is to be completely honest. Any information you hold back could be crucial in locating the missing youngster.

For example, did something specific happen to spark the action? Was there an argument? Is the teenager pregnant? The investigator needs access to all this information in order to know where to start looking.

child investigator

Access to information

Remember private investigators are often asked to carry out background checks on people, giving them access to all kinds of databases. So if, for example, your ex-husband has taken your child, the investigator will be able to track addresses, places of employment, changes of name and so on.

A runaway teenager will also unwittingly leave clues, which a professional child investigator will be able to pick up.

When hiring a child investigator, there are certain things you should check – firstly, that they really are a bone fide licensed investigator. Don’t be tempted to use one of those online research tools, offering you access to databases for a certain cost. You won’t find your answer there.

Make sure the child investigator you hire is experienced in this line of work, and clearly explain what you want and how much you want to spend.

The child investigator will sit down with you and discuss every aspect of the case, asking you for as much information as possible on the missing child.

If you are dealing with an underage child, who you know has been abducted, clearly the police will need to be involved.

But sometimes older children choose to disappear and that can be much harder.

Discretion is guaranteed

A child investigator is well aware of some of the darker reasons why children go missing, such as abuse or teenage pregnancy. But their years of experience and specialist training, enable them to deal with every case sensitively and discretely.

We mentioned earlier how parents might hire an investigator to ‘check up’ on their youngster. For a parent to do this they would very real concerns about their child, and fears about underage drinking or drugs.

This is a very smart way of ensuring your child is safe, without getting directly involved yourself, where parental concern and emotions might cause the situation to explode.

So, as you can see, the role of the child investigator is very varied and very professional, and that service is now readily available to families.