When it comes to making a new injury claim, you are spoilt for choice with regards to who you choose to process your claim. There are several hundred law firms in the United Kingdom specialising in personal injury law. For many people, their local law firm is often the easiest choice, because of their accessibility. However, it is also worth considering large national law firms, because they have a greater range of solicitors to choose from.

Filtering through the noise

There are several hundred law firms specialising in personal injury law, and they all offer the same service. Because of this, it is important to focus on the quality of service provided above all else, to filter the good law firms from the average.

What should you be looking for? Experience, first and foremost. You need a lawyer on your side who has processed many cases that are similar to your own. Often, the only place you will find such experience is with a larger law firm. Larger law firms have their own in-house lawyers and they can assign the best lawyer for the job to your case. So for example, if you have suffered a burn or scald at work, then they will assign a lawyer who has processed many burn and scald cases before to yours, to maximise the chances of injury claim success.

Lastly, always ask the lawyer you speak to about their ‘success rate’. When you start new claim, this will help you to assess how good a lawyer is at their job.

Doing some research

To find a reputable law firm, we recommend using an online search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Search for “personal injury law firm” and see what comes up, or search for “accident helpline” and see what comes up. You should be presented with a list of law firms that are reputable and from this you will be able to narrow your choices down.

You should also call the law firms you are interested in. Many law firms nowadays operate ‘claims helplines’, which are usually free and are offered without obligation. These are a fantastic way to get advice following an accident. They are staffed by claims advisor who are able to answer most claims-related questions. You can call such a helpline to get better informed about your legal rights and to assess the character of the law firm itself. A good way to make the most of your call is to ask how many claims the law firm has processed that are similar to your own. If they can give you a ballpark figure, then that will be useful.