Are you planning to immigrate to the US? If yes, then are you fully aware of the process? Most people are not and that is the reason why they get baffled with the complexity of the process. Do not worry as we will make things clearer for you. The US immigration process is governed by the Immigration and Nationality Act 1956. It is a holistic law that covers every aspect of all the immigration related processes. The original law has undergone numerous changes over the multiple past decades. There have been many debates on making changes in the extremely complex law and some changes have been brought also. Despite all the effort that has been put in this cause, little has been done to simplify the extremely complex laws and hence they remain as complex as they were.

The fundamental reason why it is so complex is that the law was designed to cater to small number of immigrants. However, that trend has changed over the past few decades as US has been accepting large number of immigrants for the past few decades. A system that was designed to cater to small number of immigrants has come under tremendous pressure to accept large number of applications. Today more than 14% US population is categorized as immigrants. This number was less than 5% in 1950s. The current immigration policy has been divided into 4 categories- Skilled Man power, Family Unity, Refugee and Diversity.

Negotiating with the complex immigration policy is not an easy task and hence you should commit it on yourself. You should always hire an immigration attorney who will help you in doing the paperwork and filing the application. Unless you do not hire a good attorney, you will have a difficult time in getting your application accepted. What is more important is that a good lawyer will increase the chances of your application getting accepted. According to Rebecca I Pathak, of all the application categories, hiring a good immigration attorney is extremely critical for the skill labour immigration category. According to the policy that governs this category, a US position can only be offered to an immigrant if that company or organization hiring the individual cannot find a American right candidate who can fulfil the position. This is tricky because the reason for filling up the position with an immigrant has to be justified very carefully