One very uncomfortable situation which can occur at a work place is that of sexual harassment. This is something which you cannot ignore. It makes life at work place very difficult. The environment of the work place becomes very uncomfortable for you. Whatever the nature of the harassment is, you cannot disregard your work place as well, and therefore you need legal support and help.

Statistical studies in 2007 show about 13% of the people have been bullied at some point in their life. Another 24 % said they are being harassed. While 12 % of them said they have seen someone else getting bullied, there were another 49 % who reported the severe effects of sexual harassment. These people became physiologically, physically or mentally ill. This is what we actually have fetched from the statistical studies of WBI Zogby from Utah.

The harassment at work place is something you just cannot and should not ignore. It is something which has really bad effects on the person who experiences it. They get harmed in so many ways. There is the obvious psychological problem that one can get apart from a low self-esteem and deteriorating self-confidence.

Sexual harassment is extremely sensitive. It is something everyone is aware of because it is very common. There are many types of sexual harassment. It does not necessarily have to have a physical connotation. People can pass lewd and sexually provocative remarks that are included in sexual harassment as well. Sometimes, people who see sexual harassment taking place and get highly offended by it are also known as those who have been harassed.

Employers cannot make any kind of direct indication towards anyone. People who falsely accuse someone of this kind of harassment should be reprimanded in some way. There must be clear rules regarding sexual harassment and they must be implemented upon. For example if the company finds out someone complained against a colleague falsely, they should simply suspend that person from the work place. However, you must have proper evidence before you accuse someone. In case the complaint about someone is correct, the person who has been harassed can file a case, get a lawyer and take legal action against this person. People who harass can also be suspended from the work place according to the federal and the state laws.

Similarly, if someone sees a harasser, they should report to the authorities so they can put a stop to his heinous activities and protect the work environment. Also, if a harasser comes your way, you must report the company very quietly by simply writing a report against them.

It is suggested you complain about the harasser as soon as possible so that he cannot harm more people. Moreover, people should understand that there is no embarrassment in complaining against a harasser because he has no right to make anyone feel uncomfortable. He must be punished for what he is doing. Thus, always report such a person if you know one. You will be helping quite a few other people as well.