Having to face divorce is not an easy matter. Often, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness can be an impediment to sound judgement. The process of divorce involves reaching an agreement for the division of assets and child custody. Some couples are able to settle these matters between them peacefully, but sometimes the entire situation can escalate into an intense disagreement between the couples.

Circumstances of divorce

Queens County divorce attorney helps couples going through a difficult period in their relationship and are seeking to divorce. There are different circumstances that dictate how a family lawyer can be of assistance.

  • Both partners have mutual collaboration
  • The divorce involve substantial assets and children custody matters
  • The reasons why the couple is seeking to divorce
  • Dispute and disagreement between the couple

The family lawyer will ask such questions to assist the couple with the divorce process. Four different types of divorce procedures are often followed depending on the circumstances.

Four types of divorce procedures

A Divorce attorney provides assistance taking into consideration four different types of circumstances.

  • Uncontested divorce: In such case, the couple have agreed on everything, asset distribution, and child custody, but needs to finalize their divorce and make it legal.
  • Contested divorce: The majority of divorces are peaceful and couples often agree on everything, but occasionally serious disagreement on assets or child custody may require a court intervention
  • Fault or no-fault divorce: Unlike the two previous types of divorce that place emphasis on custody or financial issues, this type of divorce is an integral part of the divorce procedure, but acquires significance depending on whether the entire divorce claim is based on “fault”, a partner needs to prove that his or her partner has committed a fault (adultery, emotional or psychological pains, etc.), or “no-fault”, the partner does not have to prove anything but simply claim irreconcilable differences. It should be noted that many countries and states in the US no longer consider the case of “fault” divorce claims as valid.
  • Default divorce: A divorce claim can be filed if one or the other party cannot be found for a certain number of years.

Divorce attorneys in Queens County are an expert in dealing with different types of divorce issues and can guide a couple through all the steps and procedures of acquiring a divorce.