Domestic violence is one of the worst enemies of family life.   It destroys not only families but the psychological health of the victims, as well as damages their physical integrity when physical violence is applied.   For different reasons, some individuals abuse their spouses, partners, kids, and even parents.

Domestic abusers tend not to realize the severity of their acts; they cannot control their anger and see violence against their family members as a normal way to release their anger and frustrations.   Moreover, many of them are not even aware of it, particularly when it is psychological violence.   Furthermore, sometimes victims themselves take long time and suffering before realizing they are victims of domestic violence.

A domestic violence attorney can be of much help to a victim.   Although it is not mandatory to hire an attorney to seek help from the state in cases of domestic violence, an experienced domestic violence attorney knows what to do in each different case of violence and understands the reality of the victims who are usually in big need of not only legal assistance but also encouragement.

When domestic violence is taking place, the victim needs protection against the perpetrator.   Many of them do not know what to do as they do not count on a network of supporting friends or family victims.

In this aspect, specialized attorneys will help the victims in two manners:

  • helping them find a safe place and
  • obtaining an order to prevent the perpetrator from contacting the victim.

A specialized domestic violence attorney knows all the community resources available for victims of domestic violence, such as shelters where women and children shelters where they can stay safe while their problems are being legally handled.   Additionally, the lawyer will go to court to obtain a restraining order which prevents the abuser from coming near you or contacting you.

In more severe cases, victims may have to pay for medical treatments and may lose wages.   Here your domestic violence attorney can file a lawsuit to recover damages, as well as to obtain monetary compensation for pain and suffering.

Is there a reason to stay married to someone who abuses you physically or emotionally? Your domestic violence attorney can help you face the unpleasant process of divorce.

Besides helping you with the divorce, your attorney can advise you on how child custody could play out in the case of divorce.   Moreover, knowing that many victims remain in an abusive marriage because they fear they will be left without financial resources to support themselves or their children, your attorney will help you receive alimony from your ex-spouse, as spousal support as well as child support.

Finally, your domestic violence attorney will represent you – the victim- in court and will deal with your abuser, taking a big load off your shoulders and mind.

Physical or psychological domestic violence becomes a very delicate and sensitive issue for the victim and may not allow you to think clearly and act in consequence; here lies the importance of having an experienced domestic violence attorney taking care of all aspects on your behalf.