So you and your friends were just trying to have an enjoyable evening out, but the unspeakable has happened. You were pulled over and given a Drink Driving Charge. What began as a fun night out has now got you facing serious legal trouble.

Drink Driving Is No Laughing Matter

In Australia, like many other parts of the world, drink driving is a very serious offence. Not only are you putting yourself and your passengers in danger, you are also endangering other motorists and pedestrians using or crossing the road system. If you are pulled over and given a Mid range PCA charge there is a good chance that you could have your driving privileges revoked. In addition to having your driving privileges revoked, you could face jail time, fines and other penalties that are associated with drink driving. You will have a criminal conviction appended to your permanent record, as well.

Drink Driving

What Is Considered Middle Limit?

If you are pulled over and the attending officer finds that your blood alcohol concentration is found to be more than 100mg of alcohol in 100mL of blood or 0.100g of alcohol is detected on 210L of breath you could be charged with a middle limit PCA charge.

Penalties for Drink Driving

People who are charged with a drunk driving charge will be subject to different levels of sentencing. If this is a first offence, you could have your license revoked for up to 12 months. Repeat offenders could lose their driving privileges revoked for up to three years. The maximum penalty for a first-time offender is up to six months or twenty penalty units. Repeat offenders could face up to three years for their offences.

Defend Yourself with a Criminal Lawyer

When you are facing drunk driving charges, you have the right to hire a criminal lawyer to defend you in your legal proceedings. One thing that you can be sure of is that you want someone that knows the law on your side of the bench. A criminal lawyer that specialises in drink driving cases will fight on your behalf so that you get the best possible outcome in your sentencing. While they probably will not be able to make the entire charge go away, they will work within the scope of the law to try to help you get work related driving privileges so your entire life does not have to fall apart. If any errors were made in the process of your arrest or your blood alcohol content level was on the cusp of a low range charge, your lawyer will work to get your case adjusted based on these facts.

Avoid All of These Troubles

If you know that are you going to go out and have drinks, one of the best bets to stay safe and avoid legal troubles is by appointing a designated driver that does not drink that evening or calling a taxi services or sober friend to come pick you up. When you take into account all of the unfavourable things that come out of a drink driving charge, the taxi fare is worth the money!