Separating couples who want to end their partnership can either file for divorce or annulment. However since divorce and annulment have their own legal description, they can seek legal aid in Gosford to ensure they have perfect understanding and knowledge of what divorce and annulment is.


Family Law Act of 1975 covers divorce, and since laws on divorce had been overhauled by the enactment of the Family Law Act in 1975, the no-fault divorce was established in Australia. No fault-divorce means the only ground for a divorce between the married couple is the irretrievable breakdown of Marriage. Family solicitors handling divorce cases should be able to establish proof of twelve months of separation before the filing of divorce before the court can decide to grant a dissolution of the marriage through divorce. The family Law on divorce also covers children’s order, property division and spouse maintenance. However if there are other related legal matters regarding the separation, a separation lawyer can help in ensuring both parties enjoy the rights and protection in the coverage of the Family Law.


Annulment like divorce is the dissolution of marriage however it is distinguished by having the marriage as void or invalid since the beginning and the marriage never existed. The marriage needs no formality to terminate it. Couples in void marriage can file for the nullity of marriage however there are circumstances before a marriage is considered void. They can take a legal aid in Gosford in understanding and in determining if marriage is void such as when one or both parties have been married at the time of marriage or in a prohibited relationship or one or both are underage or one or both are forced into marriage. Couples must understand that application for nullity takes precedence on their application for divorce and once the marriage is found to be invalid or void; there is no need to file for divorce. 

Family law is a legal practice in Australia when the central focused is on protecting the family or the people in such a relationship. It revolves around divorce, adoption and child custody. It is the duty of Family Law lawyers to ensure all family rights are safeguarded and each member has ensured the protection of their rights. The Family Law practice in Australia is to help the family and members to enjoy fair and justified results for all whether adults or children. If you think you are a family in legal distress, seeking legal aid in Gosford helps in seeking protections from the Family Law.