Our roads are flooding with thousands of cars and the numbers are growing every day. And, in such a crowded place, the occurrence of a few accidents isn’t surprising. From highways to street roads, accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime. While some accidents are minor which involve a quick settlement between the involved parties, some accidents are fatal, which involve serious losses and injuries.

Such accidents are often settled through a legal route while bringing additional stakeholders like insurance companies into the matter. These are far more complex and have higher stakes. Therefore, one needs to be well prepared when dealing with such situations, be it the plaintiff or the defendant.

Preparing to be a plaintiff

When filing an auto accident lawsuit for settlement or insurance claims, you would need to present a strong case.

  1. Gather evidence

The most valuable asset, in this case, would the evidence that support your claims. You should invest your efforts to gather evidence – pictures, police reports, medical records etc. Take pictures of the accident and at the scene.

2. Getting medical assistance

Accidents can be a bad experience and can often lead to both physical and psychological injuries. You must consult a doctor for medical assistance, and make sure to get copies of your bills and medical reports, for the case.

3. Get witness statements

Witness statements are one of the most powerful evidence. Thus, make sure you pick the right witnesses. However, make sure that your witness statements/ witnesses are secure from the defendants until the trail.

4. Evaluating your claim

One of the essential components of an accident settlement case is setting the right value for the claim. When filing for a claim, make sure to work out medical expenses, lost wages, damages and suffering in figures with your lawyer.

Being a defendant

Standing in the stands as a defendant in an auto accident lawsuit is a difficult position. Especially, if the accidents are serious. Here’s something you should know when stuck in this situation

  1. Speak carefully and scarcely

It is a crucial moment and you have to be cautious when dealing with the opposition. The plaintiff’s attorney would try any legal tactic to get out information and frame you for the accident. Therefore, you have to be selective in the things you share. Though you have an obligation to share information, you can be precise and smart in your answers, sharing only what is asked of you.

2.  Be prepared

Before the deposition and/or trial, make sure you are well prepared. Sit down with your Grand Junction Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and groom yourself to face all sorts of questions and allegations.

3.  Have your facts straight

The plaintiff would target every possible aspect to blame you for the accident. They would use all available information and regress questioning to break you. However, you should have your facts straight and discuss them with your attorney.

Irrespective of which side you are on, it is essential you understand the importance of your evidence and profiling the involved parties. Learning about the other stakeholders in terms of their social/financial profile, criminal history, or anything that would help you counter their claims and allow you to develop a firm stand.