Divorce and separations can force the parents to part away, but not their kids. They always stay connected with their parents and thus, both the mother and the father need to take responsibility of their children. Child support is a law that states how a child can get support from his mother and father after divorce. This support is actually an amount of money that one parent needs to pay to his or her spouse who has the primary custody of their child. It is for the benefit of their child and mostly given for the kid’s basics like:-

  • Educational Expenses
  • Medical and health expenses
  • Clothing, shelter and food

Child Support Law

Who Should Be Paying The Money For Child Support?

Any one amongst the parents needs to pay for the child support money, irrespective of the fact that they are stay married or not. If there is any dispute regarding the identity of the child’s father, court can also order a paternity test in such situations. Step parents don’t have any obligation by law for paying the child support unless he or she adopts the child legally.

How The Amount For Child Support Gets Determined?

Courts mostly ask the parents to submit a statement of their financial income, before taking any kind of decision on child support. In this statement, they should mention every detail about their income and expenses. The court makes use of a standard formula for determining the amount of support, based mainly the financial information provided by the parents.

Other Factors Influencing the Child Support Amount:

Most of the time, court considers gross income of each parents and deducts the money that they spend behind mandatory dues, social security, tax, and healthcare.

Some court may also determine the amount by considering a spouses capability to earn with the actual amount he earns.

Enforcement of a “Child Support Award”:

If the spouse, who is currently having the primary custody of the child does not receive any payment, the district lawyer of the state can help the spouse y sending legal papers to the delinquent parent and asking him to pay off this dues. If the delinquent parent still continues with the negligence, the district attorney has the right to take all the following actions:

  • Revoke passport
  • Put liens on his or her property
  • Seize tax refunds
  • Revoke his or her driving license
  • Garnish wages

Divorce being so common these days, one should know the proper rules and regulations that is related to it, especially when it comes to your kid. Child support is one of the most important and crucial matter in divorce and you must have enough knowledge regarding this. You are having any other quarries, you can clear them out with the child support lawyers in Atlanta, and they can provide you with legal assistance.