Law Info On Commonly Committed Crimes In New York City 1Are you residing in NYC, particularly in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan?  Then you need to make sure that you are aware of some pertinent information of their criminal courts and lawyers.  NYC (Queens, Brooklyn & Manhattan) attorneys are knowledgeable of their criminal laws and can guide you to learn about them if you need it.  Otherwise, the following criminal laws and information might be useful to you.

Criminal possession of a weapon in NYC

Queens started the  new felony gun court in January 2004 and Brooklyn followed a similar plan. The concept of a “gun court” is that all felony gun cases will be handled only in one courtroom from start to finish.  All the hearings and trials for gun cases will be handled by the same judge and in an expedited manner. To make the story short, NYC is not a city to charge someone with criminal possession of a firearm or weapon.

NYC criminal sentencing assistant online

For those who are curious of NYC sentences in criminal cases, there is a criminal sentence assistant and sentencing guidelines that can be found online if you search ‘NYC state felony classes and sentences. The felony class chart serves as a basic sentencing chart that provides estimates of  the length of time of conviction with offenses classified from ‘A’ to ‘E’ (with ‘A’ being the most serious crimes).

The chart provided by the website provides information to those who want to do a little research before they set an appointment with a criminal defense lawyer.  Those concerned need to consult NYC (Queens, Brooklyn & Manhattan) attorneys for second opinion as the information from the felony class chart can be considered as an educated guess.

Possession of Marijuana in NYC

If someone in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and anywhere in NYC is arrested for possession of marijuana or another related offense, it is essential to know that there are special differences in the treatment of marijuana cases and other illegal drugs problems.  In NYC, marijuana is still illegal and a small amount at home may not be considered a criminal offense but it is still considered as a violation.  Possession of large amounts of marijuana will prosecute the bearer while those with smaller amounts will still be arrested and dealt with accordingly.

Robbery in the NYC criminal court

Robbery is divided into three main categories in NY State: First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree.  First Degree is the most serious form of robbery.  The term ‘robbery’ in New York means using force to obtain another person’s property in an illegal manner.  It generally applies to NYC but it includes Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

We may not be concerned with any of the above information but one day we might find it useful.  It can benefit you to learn about these matters — particularly the criminal laws that NYC (Queens, Brooklyn & Manhattan) attorneys are handling. New York state has special differences in the way they handle some legal cases and laws.  If we are living there, then we need to know more about them.