Creating a good marketing strategy is an essential cornerstone of any business, and anyone can tell you that you will sell nothing unless you are seen everywhere, which in today’s world means – online. For many new owners, we realize how a website might seem like an expensive waste of time, something that you will never use; but let’s think of it this way – a website is your online business card, and even though some might not understand it, more and more people will check you out online first, before doing business with you.

Even if you sell detox smoothies, people will want to see your website first.

The easiest and cheapest way of marketing available today is done online; in short, it generates the biggest results for the least amount of money invested, and social networks play a big part here. We have gathered some things you need to know before all of this is possible for you and your business.

First and Foremost – You Need a Website

What do you plan on sharing on your social media? It is possible to use only your Facebook profile as the gathering place for your audience, but it would be much more logical to also have a website where you can have a blog, a contact us page, something that will tell every visitor more about what you are and what you do.

Creating a great website is easy, and with tools like WordPress, anyone can have a wonderful website for only the fraction of the cost of what people used to pay. There you will generate content that will effectively promote your company.

Many people do this by hand, they update and post on their websites, while others hire marketing teams, creative writers, who do that for them. What you decide is up to you, and what your budget can sustain. Before you start anything, it would be wise to do a comparison of SEO companies that specialize in making sure your website’s ranking goes up, and you can see what they offer and how much they ask for it. After that, you can make an informed decision.

Creating Good Content

Good content starts with a good headline – like any good news reporter will tell you. Not only does it attract the attention of readers, but it also helps search engines rank your website better. Now, there are some secrets and tips you have to be aware of. The first one is: keywords.

By using good keywords on your website, and in the content you write and post, you will get better rankings for them and see better results. Doing good keyword research is essential if you plan on using this strategy, but with tools like Google’s AdWords, even that can be made simple. Find something that will make you stand out, something that doesn’t have a lot of competition.

When using keywords in your content, make sure that it is done naturally, otherwise you will turn away your potential customers and, let’s not forget, search engines will mark you as spam. Remember, content is primarily created for readers; search engines come second.

Use Social Networks

Finally, we come to the most important part. Using social networks can seem like an easy task, but there is actually quite a science hidden behind it. Some networks are specialized for a particular kind of content (YouTube for video material, and Pinterest for images), so make sure to use everything that you can.

You don’t have videos? Fine, forget about YouTube! You don’t need images and pictures – you can scratch Pinterest off the list. But there are still networks available. Facebook and Twitter are the bread and butter of social networks; Facebook in particular. It is adaptable and you can post anything you want, from simple status updates, to hour-long videos and creative images. All of this is done to engage the reader and generate some kind of feedback.

 Make sure that your Facebook profile page is updated constantly, that all the information available is correct, and respond to messages in a timely manner. When it comes to marketing that page, Facebook comes pre-equipped with loads of options –which can cost you a pretty penny, but if done properly, that can generate some wonderful results for you and your business.