Corporate Lawyer’s life is not so easy. After five years studying in the grad-school, the first couple of years in the corporate would definitely feel like a detention center, when the eye rarely meets anything else than a paperwork. Getting full-time employed into a law firm isn’t a dream to many newcomers anymore due to this fact. However, in the past two decades, we’ve witnessed changes in the law society and functioning of the law firms.

The topic for this article is still ‘Lawyers on demand’, our introduction part is just a supportive paragraph to provide our readers that, why and how the ‘lawyers on demand’ is an upgraded version of basic law firm and how this essential change has been worthwhile to the lawyers and the clients.

A splendid change

Prior to this change, we had and we still have specialized law firm taking care of one specialization only. A general counsel wouldn’t handle a corporate affair as they lack in proficiency. Similarly, a corporate firm would say no to an IT affair, as information technology requires additional regulatory knowledge. A bridge was needed to join the missing corners.

Lawyer on demand is a special legal service. Solicitor having required expertise meets the client within the same firm and provides his service. This uproots a need to go elsewhere. Many global firms are running this service on the web, they employ a freelance lawyer, having a good PQE (post qualification experience) in their own fields.

How is this service different?

Like social networking sites links people of many genres to one platform, similarly, a lawyer on-demand program is a network of the specialized attorneys. However, it doesn’t matter if the lawyers are working in-house or outside the walls of the organization, the service is flexible. The best thing about them is they can work multi-disciplinary, for instance:

  • General Counsel
  • Dispute resolution experts
  • Banking and Taxation
  • Commercial and Corporate
  • Technology and IT
  • Employment and Incentives
  • Intellectual property
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Regulations and trust.
  • And more!

What can you expect – as a lawyer/as a client?

Lawyers can seek their future in LOD (Lawyer on Demand) service as they can stick to their favorite field and nourish the skills much faster. Freelancer lawyers have much more benefits, like – overseas exposure, better pay and most importantly freedom to set their own working hour.

On the other hand, clients do not need to stress on the quality, as each lawyer from the pool is employed after a strict scrutiny. Clients get on-site and an on-call assist, they can sit back and relax once they avail a service as the work is handled by the expert attorneys.

It’s simple, you gather the requirement, you select a lawyer and they manage the assignment for you.

The Fee

When you’re on the paying side, the amount is a thing which never gets out of your mind. Surprisingly, you as a client can expect a lesser amount of fee with the lawyer on demand service as compared to the law firms. It is because of the fact that, usually there isn’t just one specialized lawyer to fulfill the task, considering the PQE and other factors, you get the opportunity to select your own attorney.