Fraud is a common crime all over the world; the only differentiator is the extent to which these fraud crimes are committed. Most countries try to regulate and diminish fraud by coming up with stiff penalties for anyone found guilty of fraud crimes. Australian law recognizes a distinct category of crime involving deceit for profit as fraud. The myriad ways in which fraud is perpetrated, however, makes the crime difficult to prove and more difficult still to litigate. The losses Australians incur by fraud are significant. Reports suggest that more than half of small- and medium-sized businesses, a cohort that accounts for the majority of all businesses with employees in Australia, experience financial losses of up to $1,000 due to fraud. An additional 26 % incur losses between $1,000 and $5,000.Learn about Australian Laws

Some of us still wonder why we need Fraud Lawyers or Commercial Lawyers for any legal issues revolving around Fraud. A disproportionate rate of successful prosecution for fraud highlights the difficulty Australian law enforcement agencies and legal practitioners have bringing perpetrators of fraud to justice. A concentration of resources to the investigation and prosecution of fraud in Australia has done little to stop it. In fact, globalization, the widespread use of technology and the increasing sophistication of organized crime has made fraud even more widespread. Fraud is most common in the banking industry where those with criminal intent have easy access to financial resources such as bank and credit cards.

Reports suggest that debit card fraud accounts for half of all reported banking frauds. Fraud is also detected with regularity in the mortgage and insurance industries. When fraud losses are relatively minimal investigators are often slow to mobilize a comparatively expensive investigation. Difficulty arises because in the absence of charges under the Criminal Code there can be no grounds for legal action. When Australians encounter fraud and decide to pursue a fraud-related case through the court system they can become easily overwhelmed by the complexities of the fraud by which they have been victimized.

Most often, skilled Australian Fraud Lawyers are needed to help bring about a successful prosecution in the Ontario court system. Without the assistance of Commercial Lawyers who understand both the nature of a fraud investigation as well as the manner in which such cases are handled by the courts, victims will be challenged to win justice. Australian Fraud Lawyers have experience helping clients navigate these investigations and the lengthy court cases which frauds tend to follow from them. As a result of the challenges associated with resolving cases through the Australian Law court system, many victims opt to avoid court and never get justice.

For instance, take tax fraud. You should never mistake your tax fraud lawyer for someone you’ll contact to help file and submit your tax returns because their sole purpose is to represent you and people accused of tax crimes in court. They are usually hired to assist individuals who suspect they may be under tax investigation or when they have already been notified that charges will be forthcoming soon. Incarceration is not always necessary, and good tax fraud lawyers will do their level best to try to negotiate an understanding between you and the authorities so that their liability is lessened.

Reports suggest that while one-third of banking establishments indicated they have rarely or never pursued a fraud case through the courts, nearly half of them had reported incidents of fraud as the report reveal.