The entire process of buying/selling of property is very sensitive. It requires numerous formalities to be fulfilled before each and every step is taken forward. Nothing is better than the correct tandem between the conveyancing solicitors and the estate agents. There are several estate agents, who force you to choose the solicitors from their list and do not encourage you bringing your own- Why?

  • The agents get paid for recommending a solicitor
  • There are several solicitors having degrees but no work

Why obstacles are created for you?

The agents try and gain commission from the deal they are involved in. Passing of work creates several options for the agents for money making form the solicitors.

There are many people like you, who have also complained against the harassment they have faced by the estate agents. The harassment’s motive is only one- Money. That is why be very conscious on how to choose a conveyancing solicitor.

Referral Fee

It is usually mandatory for the estate agents to disclose the referral fee they receive for arranging a conveyancing solicitor. However, such thing does not happen and the money stays invisible to your eyes and goes directly in to the pockets of estate agents.

On common grounds these agents are small firms having reasonable experience of handling such cases but do not excel though.

Don’t be a puppet in the hands of estate agents

It is your money, your house and that’s why you should decide, who will be the conveyancing solicitor. Don’t be a puppet in the hands of the estate agents and do not fall prey to their greed. They might be benefitting from the solicitors they will recommend to you. At times, things may get real bad and your case might get allotted to a naïve or an inexperienced person leaving you perplexed and financially at loss.

Things to avoid

  • Avoid the solicitor who is mostly busy and is overloaded with work
  • Avoid any solicitor who is extraordinarily easy going
  • Cheapest ones may not be the best ones, avoid them
  • Don’t opt for solicitors who are not working close to your area
  • Do not opt a new comer for a sensitive case

Always take suggestions from known people for where to go and how to go forward. Choose your own solicitor and let the agent know of your choice. In any case, do not let the situation be other way round.