Until very recently, it was incredibly rare to find legal firms and legal professionals with any kind of online presence beyond their own website. LinkedIn was relatively popular because it enabled professionals to communicate with one another and to network, but sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media websites were viewed as being unnecessary and potentially even damaging to the legal firm. However, a greater number of legal professionals do now have a social media presence, and with good reason.

Gather Intelligence

Numerous social media tools exist that allow you to track keyword and topic mentions. This enables you to go beyond Google when looking for information. Rather than searching for dry and static information, you can determine what people are thinking and you can make a best judgement on their views of a particular topic according to the conversations that take place on social media websites every day. Such information can help guide your business decisions, shape your law firm, and determine the services that you should be offering and promoting.

Monitor Brand Awareness And Perception

You can also use these same tools to monitor mentions of your own keywords and your own brands. Good PR means that you need to be aware of how people perceive your brand so that you can take advantage of positive mentions and redress negative mentions (turning them into positives too). Set up alerts and follow your brand name, your own name, and the names of partners within your firm, as well as any aliases your partners and your firm go by.

Communicate With Clients

Social media websites can also provide a convenient and inexpensive means of communicating with existing clients. While you can’t charge for responding to a Tweet or a Facebook comment, this kind of interaction is extremely quick, and not only does it show clients that you are responsive, but it will generate the same positive image with potential clients too.

Social Media for legal firms

Nurture Leads

If your leads see you as responsive and involved, then they will be more inclined to contact you in the first place. Most leads are not only looking for a firm that has the greatest grasp of the area of law required, but they also want a professional and communicative service. They want to know that they will receive regular updates, and that they will receive a response if they ask a question or try to communicate with your business.

Build Trust

This trust is an important facet in the relationship between law firm and client. If it doesn’t exist, then a lead is likely to consider looking elsewhere, but if it does exist then you could convert a lead for life.

Become An Authority

By maintaining and regularly updating a social media profile, you can impart knowledge, offer guides, and give tips to those that need them. By doing so, you are not only increasing your chances of being found online by people looking for the services that you offer, but you are also increasing your authority. When leads look for legal help, they want to ensure that the firm they choose is authoritative and knowledgeable.

Black Letter PR can provide a legal PR strategy that incorporates all aspects of offline and online PR including social media management and ensuring that your press releases and news stories gain the greatest traction.