When summer arrives the warm long days bring out motorcycle enthusiasts in full force. There are many die hard bikers that will bring out their cycles anytime the road is free of ice, but most of the time they come out in the summer. There are also those who ride their cycles in the summer to commute to work, especially if they are trying to save fuel. Unfortunately, when motorcycles hit the roadway the number of car vs. motorcycle accidents usually increase. If you’ve been hit by a car and maimed while riding your bike you should call one of the understanding disability lawyers in Toronto to see what can be done to help you.

Most auto drivers believe that there are so many motorcycle accidents because motorcycle drivers are wild and crazy. However, this is not the case. The majority of motorcycle accident accidents occur because of the negligence of auto drivers. Most car drivers involved in motorcycle accidents say they didn’t even see the motorcyclist.

Auto drivers need to look carefully in their mirrors before they change lanes. Motorcycles can be hidden in the blind spots if the blind spots are not carefully checked. Car drivers should also keep an eye out for motorcycles trying to make a left hand turn. If you are driving in the left hand lane and a motorcycle stops to turn left you may hit the bike unless you are paying close attention.

In Ontario brain injury is such a concern the law requires all motorcyclists to wear helmets. While helmets certainly reduce the severity of brain injury and in minor injuries may even prevent injury, in a serious accident the vast number of riders will experience some form of brain injury.

Motorcycle accidents also cause many bone injuries. Broken bones, crushed bones, and compression fractures can either occur when motorcyclists either lays down the bike or is knocked off the bike and lands on something hard. These types of accidents can even result in a catastrophic injury requiring many months or years of rehabilitation. Because the chance of being injured on a motorcycle is so great, riders should consider purchasing the extra insurance to increase the coverage for medical and rehabilitation as well as lost wages. Considerations should also be given to reduce the deductible for tort claims. These extra benefits may pay off in the long run.