Marriages are a gamble these days. The couples fall in love and get married soon without even thinking whether or not they are compatible for each other and if they’ll be able to live together all their life. Thus, with almost half of the marriages ending with divorce these days, there has been a great demand for the divorce lawyers in almost every place including Malta. While talking about the divorce solicitors in London, they are helping the partners to take divorce who are not interested to stay together anymore. So, if you too are in a situation to end your marriage life, you’ll need to meet your separation lawyers in Malta. Before meeting the attorney, make sure you keep the necessary papers ready beforehand. Also, write down in a piece of paper the important questions that you want to ask your divorce solicitor. This is going to save the time and money of both you as well as your divorce solicitor.

4 Steps to get prepared for meeting your divorce solicitor for the first time

Have a look at 4 steps to get prepared for meeting your divorce solicitor for the first time.

  1. Determine what you want by taking divorce – Before you may meet with your separation lawyers in Malta, it is important on your part to evaluate what you exactly want by taking divorce. If you’ve a child, don’t forget to consider the issues like who is going to take the custody of your child, the support of your partner and how you want to divide the property amongst both of you before going to the attorney.
  1. List the questions you want to ask your solicitor – You need to list down the questions you’ll ask your divorce solicitor regarding divorce procedure. Some important questions in this regard are how much time it will require for the divorce case to get settled, the number of times you need to go to the court and the amount of money you’ll have to pay your attorney.
  1. Keep ready all the financial papers – Your divorce solicitor will want to see the copies of your income tax returns, your pay stubs, car and mortgage loans and the outstanding debts that you need to pay off for filing child support and allowance. You may even request your divorce attorney to make his own copy before you may meet him for the first time.
  1. Make copies of the other documents – The divorce solicitor will want to see all the documents associated with your marriage. This includes the prenuptial contract, approval verdicts for your child and holding back the orders that you may have taken against your better half. If you had taken help of some other attorney for any proceeding, you should tell his name and phone number when you meet your new divorce solicitor in London.

Thus, follow these steps when you meet separation lawyers in Malta for the first time.