I was 18 years old when I was driving my Toyota 1999 Camry in port St Lucie on that day; I was driving at 50MPH when I slammed into the back of a Honda which slammed into the back of a Subaru SUV. It entirely my fault because I followed the Honda in front too closely; I could not apply the brake in time when it happened.

I have never been in this situation so; it looks like I was daydreaming and absolutely unfocused in my car at that moment. I pulled over to the side of the road and immediately I got out of my car. The Honda suffered major damages at the back-end of the car while the Subaru SUV also suffered bumper damage.

I apologized and asked if everyone was OK.  The cops arrived to the incident spot a short time later; I talked to them and I was told it did not appear anyone suffered any serious injuries. The cops asked for my insurance info, but I don’t have a card. So I pulled out the insurance paper with me but it has my parents name on it not mine. But I am insured under them so everything is fine.

The cops copied the info and wrote down everything. I was insured by State Farm so that makes things easier as well. In fact, everyone involved in the accident acted very warm and friendly toward each other. I eventually exchanged info with the other drivers.

 I went home to handle this quick. My father called up state farm and made the claim. And they asked questions and I answered. I don’t understand the usefulness of using seat belt until now; I knew why to wear it. The seat belt caused me a lot of pain but without it, I’d be dead