A criminal defense attorney is no less than God when you are stuck in a big legal trouble. Murder, forgery, damage to somebody’s well-being and property are some of the instances that are classified as crime. Since Law does not declare anybody a criminal unless he is proved guilty in the court, therefore, everybody has a chance to try the luck by going to the court. To turn the tables on your side, it is essential that you hire an experienced criminal lawyer. Explained here are some of the features that are must-have in your criminal attorney:

  • Vast experience

A defense lawyer handling criminal cases must have been a winner in many cases in the past. He must have fought a variety of cases so that he should know various situations that come up during the course of trial. The lawyer must be expert in preparing evidences and in questioning witnesses. He should be proactive in submitting exhibits and also in preparing for facing the witnesses and any other unforeseen situations.

  • Availability

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, you do shell out hefty sum. It is fair enough to expect them to be available whenever you are free. Life goes on when the trial is running, so your lawyer should be available when you are able to talk to him at leisure. This will help prepare for evidence with better approach and high confidence.

  • Recognition

Lawyer should be recognized by the approved organizations and councils. This adds to the reliability of the lawyer and you can ensure that your case is in safer hands.

  • Risk-taking ability

Not all lawyers are interesting in taking up the cases. If the case is complicated, the lawyer should have ample risk appetite to stand by the client even when all other lawyers have refused. Your lawyer should have the confidence of doing full justice to the case even in the most unfavorable circumstances.

  • Affordable

You need a lawyer that you can truly afford. Then only you can relish all other features. Thus, search for the lawyer who charges within affordable range.

If your defense attorney has all these features, your problems are surely going to take a backseat sooner than expected.