Hiring the right criminal defense attorney is not something you should take lightly. It might make the difference between serving a maximum sentence and avoiding unfairly harsh penalties. When looking for the best criminal attorney, don’t be guided by the cost alone-it can be a recipe for disaster later on.

To find out if the Orlando criminal defence attorney if a good fit for you, you should ask them the following questions:

1. Have you dealt with cases like mine?

There’s a broad variation of criminal charges from felonies to misdemeanours to federal charges. A unique approach is used to handle each of these charges. You want a lawyer with experience in handling charges similar to yours. Most attorneys usually specialize in handling specific charges, and so you should ask to ensure you’re in the right hands. If the attorney has experience in handling DUI cases, but hasn’t dealt with murder charges, you should look elsewhere for an attorney to help with your murder case.

2. Are you familiar with the local court procedure?

While a criminal charge may be similar across the state (or country, for federal charges), each court has its own way of handling things. Therefore, the procedure might be different as most courts have local rules only specific to them. If the criminal defence attorney is not familiar with that local procedure, chances are they could miss deadlines or file documents incorrectly, and that could hurt your case.

3. How frequent and how will we communicate?

The method and frequency of communication varies from one person to the other. If you are comfortable with communicating with your attorney on a weekly basis, find your match. On the contrary, you may want more quiet times and avoid any frequent communication.

Also, if written communication works for you, you’ll prefer an attorney who uses written forms to relay information to you rather phone calls. Whatever your preferred communication style, find the attorney who mirrors it. If you don’t do that, you risk experiencing miscommunication and anxiety.

4. How often do your cases make it to trial?

Most criminal cases don’t go to trial. Instead, they end up in the plea bargain. A seasoned attorney should evaluate each case thoroughly and guide a client to a possible outcome. If you feel excited about taking a plea bargain or going to trial, ensure your mindset doesn’t conflict with the attorneys’ philosophy and experience. There’s no specific right answer to this particular question, but it’ll enable you understand how the lawyer deals with cases, and whether he or she is a good fit for your case.

5. How do you intend to build the case?

The lawyer is your teammate and it’s important you know their plan regarding building your case. Thus, the lawyer should shed some light on the discovery process and explain how they plan to gather the police report, 911 calls, and police videos. Besides, they should reveal the plan they have in contacting witnesses for more interrogation.

Finding the best criminal defense attorney has to do with balancing between price and quality. Ask all of the above questions before signing anything, and keep in mind all factors that could affect the agreement.