Are you in the middle of a criminal legal battle and have no clue what criteria to follow when hiring a criminal defense lawyer to represent you? Well, lawyers are not equal and making a mistake when hiring one is possible. To help you avoid plunging into a bigger mess with uninformed decisions, here are six critical mistakes you should avoid when hiring a criminal defense attorney.

1. Hiring on the basis of service fee

The amount of money you’re going to part with should not be your biggest worry when trying to disentangle yourself from a possible jail term or hefty fines. Experience should instead be the top factor. Try to find a Galveston criminal defense lawyer with the best balance of experience and affordability.

2. Hiring too soon

When you are facing criminal charges and your freedom and reputation are at stake, it may be impossible to stay on an even keel. This should, however, not push you into hiring a criminal defense attorney without giving it enough thought. Take your time to understand your charges before making a move you might regret. If you realize you must hire an attorney, focus on getting the best one.

3. Hiring an amateur lawyer

A lawyer who just graduated from law school and hasn’t handled any case is not the right person for criminal charges that carry heavy penalties. You need someone who is familiar with the legal procedure and knows the kind of challenges to expect from the prosecutors.

4. Not checking their specialty

In case you didn’t know, being a certified criminal defense attorney doesn’t automatically mean any attorney can handle all criminal cases. Different lawyers are skilled in various subspecialties of law. Choosing a lawyer that is acquainted with the criminal procedure ensures your allegations are reviewed deeply, and a strong case is presented in court.

5. Not hiring another lawyer

It is never advisable to change lawyers in midstream, but if you realize you made the wrong decision while still in the planning phase, consider seeking help elsewhere. An incompetent lawyer will show a lack of enthusiasm in investigating your case and representing you by replying late to your calls, texts, and emails. They might not be willing to listen to your questions either or even be interested in building a good case for you. Remember, having an incompetent criminal lawyer means poor defense, and probably you will end up losing your case.

6. Hiring a lawyer who guarantees victory

No one can project the outcome of a court case; not even the jury, never mind the defense team. When an attorney guarantees you a win, you’re certainly in for a rip-off and should reconsider your choice immediately. Such false promises are a sign your attorney doesn’t know what they are doing or is only interested in keeping you for the money.

Find yourself a lawyer that will listen to your side of the story, conduct their investigation and give you an honest opinion about your chances of winning the case after reviewing all the facts.