People that work within the legal system specialize in particular things. A lawyer that has more experience in handling divorce cases may not be the best person to go with for a traffic charge case. Knowing which person to contact can help you get a better chance at legally fighting the charges against you.

Have you been caught for DUI or DWI? Don’t know why you have to specifically get a traffic attorney? Below are some resources to help you understand the importance of getting a traffic attorney especially when your case involves a DUI or DWI.

You Don’t Always Have To Plead Guilty

Any traffic attorney will advise you that you don’t always have to plead guilty just because there was alcohol in your system. A blood alcohol content (BAC) that’s above 0.08% doesn’t automatically mean that you’re guaranteed a conviction.

There are different penalties assigned to DUI. Depending on the state that you’re in, you will be informed of the different things that can help you weigh your options. Will you plead guilty or not? If you have a low BAC, your attorney can help you attain a better plea bargain for your case.

Pleading Guilty Can Tempt You

You might be informed that, if you plead guilty, you can get a reduced sentence. While this may be a good short term approach so you can get reduced penalties for your DUI or DWI, this isn’t the best route for the long term.

When you plead guilty, it will be recorded in perpetuity, so it will be an issue for you moving forward. Whenever you try to look for a job or if you get into a vehicular accident, it will be stated that you plead guilty of DUI or DWI in the past which may even affect the outcome of other cases in the future.

Insurance Costs Might Increase

If you don’t have a traffic attorney to help guide you, the confidence of your insurance provider won’t be at an all-time high for a good reason. Businesses, even if they are customer-oriented, will always try to find a way to ensure that they’re on the better side of things.

When you don’t get the proper legal counsel that you need, it will be tough to justify to not have your insurance rates increase. A traffic attorney can help you in negotiating a plea deal that will prevent this from happening.

Traffic Attorneys Don’t Cost A Fortune

A common misconception about the legal system, especially when it comes to attorneys, is that they’re all going to cost you a lot. While some that specialize in other cases may cost more when getting the subtotal of fees, traffic attorneys generally are more affordable.

DUI and DWI cases are some of the more common cases. Due to this, attorneys that specialize in these particular cases will be more open to offering credit payment plans or discounts to help you with fighting the charges against you.

Whether you’re flagged for DUI or DWI, let our traffic attorney at Bolger Law Firm handle your case. Contact us today!